"I Phantom" Comic Book

Wednesday, 15 June 2011
This was my final degree project, which culminated in a 28 page comic book based on and inspired by Mr Lif's concept album "I Phantom".

I chose to illustrate this particular album because I felt that it gave me the opportunity to explore different themes, and because it has a continuing storyline throughout which made it more suitable for being put into comic book form.

The album tells of a man who goes through struggles in order to make a good life for himself, but in focusing on the monetary factors of raising a family, neglects his wife and child's emotional needs, and so ends up alone at the end of the world.

I drew all of the images in the book by hand, and then digitally manipulated them to give them a more polished appearance. I used just 2 colours to highlight the images, depending on the mood of each song. Red signified anger, danger and nightmare/dream sequences; Blue symbolised calm, monotony and despair.

These are 3 pages from the finished comic book -


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